Some tidbits from the Million Ways commentary pt 1


Someone in my ask asked me to post tidbits/facts/interesting comments from the Million Ways commentary. I can’t do it all right now but here’s part 1 up to the pot scene. Some of this may be new info, some old, but hopefully there’s something interesting here. I’ll do the second half later:

*Seths worst nightmare is being in the wilderness and getting sick.

Seth didn’t enjoy his B12 shot because he had a bruise for 2 weeks and Charlize punched it every chance she got.

He was having some kind of ankle trouble—DNK if he meant while filming or while recording this commentary. He just mentioned complaining about ankle trouble.

Seth’s fingers weren’t big enough (“that tends to be a problem” Seth joked) to do the shadow blowjob scene so they built him a cardboard cutout cock to use. Seth also says he’s going to start a band called Cardboard Cutout Cock.

Seth liked the cat in the surgery scene—“that cat was fucking awesome”

Seth would not admit if his leg was shaved or not in the doctor office scene.

Seth’s horse became cranky halfway through the filming he just did whatever he wanted instead of listening to Seth

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